The Revolution Red Festival of Hope is all about bringing light to what are often dark and undiscussed topics, whilst raising vital funds to ultimately assist in suicide prevention. For the past three years people all over Australia and the world, have planned and hosted a huge variety of events as part of the Festival and we have donated $35,000 to various charities.

The Festival of Hope will take place in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th, 2017. All throughout the year incredible events that have been creatively crafted by an amazing array of individuals and groups will be held, bringing a message of hope to many who desperately need to hear it, as well as inspiring others to be purveyors of hope in their sphere of influence.

We would like to invite you, whether you're an individual, part of a school, a business, a church, a club or some other organisation, to join the fight in a revolution of hope and participate in the 2017 Revolution Red Festival.

To find out more about how you can join the fight, click here.



To be involved in the Revolution Red Festival of Hope, click on the more info button for some of our ideas, or you can be super creative and come up with your own event, the keys are:

Raise awareness: about HOPE, conversations can be started around mental health, emotional wellbeing, suicide if discussed in a sensitive manner and combined with hope.

Raise funds: money raised will go towards Kids Helpline - see below for more info.

Even if you choose not to raise funds, the fact that you are raising awareness and starting conversations is so important and absolutely makes a difference!